Eating, dreaming and working at YO! is all about trying out new things, thinking outside the bowl and daring to step outside of your comfort zone. After all, you only live once. At the same time, it’s an environment where you’ll always have the support of others. Where personal goals are respected, where careers are taken seriously. To join YO! is to Feel the YO!

Everything at YO! happens fast. It’s about finding the perfect balance and enjoying the ride. There’s never a dull moment.

YO! is as much about work as it is about play. A place where you can bring out your fun-loving personality and truly be your amazing self.

Being fresh is not only about the ingredients, but also the attitude. You’ll be constantly learning new skills and improving your existing ones.


    Take up the challenge

    With 10 restaurants opening in the UK each year, our ongoing domination across the pond in the USA, and the various opportunities for quick internal progression and first-rate training, it’s never been a hotter time to join us.

      On the hunt for fiery General Managers

      Make the rules. Take the lead. Support one another.

      Being a GM isn’t just about making sure the makis are all lined up and the miso’s flowing. It’s about building, supporting, leading, motivating and coaching a team of individuals in order to take their ambitions and our business to new levels. As a master multitasker, you’ll make sure your restaurant runs smoothly, hits its targets and is ready for whatever comes its way. With a whole restaurant under your control and our full support at all times, your skills and career will soon skyrocket.

      Who we’re hunting for

      You’ll have a hands-on, can-do attitude, with strong communication and problem solving skills, and striking business flair. Cool, calm and collected, you’ll have an eye for detail, a love for good food, a colourful personality and that extra bite to lead a team to fame. Previous experience in a General Manager role is essential.

      On the hunt for punchy Assistant Managers

      Take the heat. Be prepared. Challenge others.

      Taking on the AM’s role is not only about making sure the chopsticks are uniform and the tuna’s nicely sliced. It’s about committing yourself to the guests, the team and your whole store. It’s about improving your managerial skills and aiming to become a leader of your own restaurant one day. Reporting to the General Manager, you’ll have big responsibility in maintaining company standards of operation, dealing with deliveries, taking great care of customers and making sure the whole team works in sync.

      Who we’re hunting for

      You’ll have a positive attitude on life, always ready to get your hands dirty and throw yourself into all kinds of situations. With great communication and PC skills, some financial flair, a love for good food and previous managerial experience, you’ll bring the extra punch to the team and help us hit all the targets.

      On the hunt for fierce Head Chefs

      Try new things. Think outside the kitchen. Run the show.

      Working as a Head Chef isn’t just about placing plates on the conveyor belt and making sure the knives are sharp. It’s about setting standards, inspiring your team and constantly coming up with new ideas. It’s about delivering an experience of sights, tastes and sounds to our guests through our open kitchens. Reporting to the General Manager, you’ll be responsible for running the kitchen, coaching and developing the Sous Chefs and Team Members, and making sure our food hits all the right spots and standards.

      Who we’re hunting for

      You’ll have the passion and experience in working with beautiful, fresh ingredients, and the drive to develop and lead your kitchen team towards tastier results. With your communication and knife skills on point, an eye for detail and a taste for the business side of things, you’ll take on any challenge thrown at you.

      On the hunt for sharp Sous Chefs

      Show them how it’s done. Bring the heat. Enjoy the ride.

      Being a Sous Chef isn’t just about chopping evenly sized vegetables and adding in a pinch of salt. It’s about working as part of a determined store team and developing your own skills. It’s about supporting your Head Chef and constantly learning new skills in order to become a future leader of our kitchens. On top of setting a great example to the team, you’ll be managing belt production, delivering memorable experiences to our guests, maintaining company standards and making sure the fish deliveries, amongst others, go swimmingly.

      Who we’re hunting for

      With previous Chef/Supervisor experience in hospitality, you work well within a team in a fast-paced environment. You have a passion for good food, the willingness to learn multiple areas of our business, and are more than ready to spice things up in the kitchen with your hands-on attitude and excellent communication skills.

      On the hunt for fearless Team Members

      Learn the ropes. Show your moves. Steal the show.

      Joining us as a Team Member isn’t just about wearing a swanky uniform and learning Japanese. It’s about working as part of a bigger team, a family, delivering memorable experiences to our guests and creating a restaurant environment to be proud of. Whether you choose to join our team as part of our open kitchens where you become centre stage in our restaurant, or on the floor explaining to a guest what mochi balls are, we’re sure you can find your spot and kick-start your career with us.

      Who we’re hunting for

      You’ll have previous experience in working in a similar environment, great communication skills, a wide smile and the skill to work effectively no matter what challenge is thrown at you. You’re highly organised and a fast learner, not afraid to run the show and drop in a one-liner or two when needed. Customer service is close to your heart.

      On the hunt for bold Head Office people

      Show the way. Spice things up. Save the day.

      Our Head Office is the hub of action. The front row on our backstage. Where the magic happens and the restaurants are supported. Where our people do their utmost to break records and reach new levels in our business.

      The Head Office teams are all hardworking and helpful, bold and full of bite – right from Office Support to Finance and HR to Marketing. Each plays a vital role, ensuring our restaurant teams get the best support, guidance and understanding in every situation.

      Who we’re hunting for

      Our rapid expansion plans make these roles more popular than our salmon makis. We might not always have exactly what you’re looking for, but use the form below to send us your details and we’ll keep you in mind for future vacancies.


      If you’ve spotted a job role that suits your skills and personality, and think you can Feel The YO!, enter your details below and apply away!

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